Yummi fish powder

An off white powder dried at low temperature. Slight fresh fish smell and taste.

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200 gr Jars for retail „Yummy Spice“
Bulk in 12-16kg.
Plastic bags in carton boxes.
Big bags. Approximately 600kgs

Cats and dogs are increasingly suffering from food intolerances. The market is reacting with special hypoallergenic products (which reduce the risk of allergy) and a general trend towards health-consious diets. With ICELANDPET, you can offer the customer the possibility of combining natural and healthy diets very simply. And this is what ICELANDPET offers you:
• Attractive trend products in the premium segment
• Easy to sell products with a convincing story
• Fish flavour seems to have a great palatability for cats and dogs
• The products are air dried at low temperature, using sustainable and clean energy
• Clear but varied range, little space required
• Suitable as eyecatchers
• Great customer satisfaction
• Products for all categories, dry food, canned food, snacks and kamagra

Additional information

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Cod, cod liver, water, carrageenan

Nutrition content in 100g

Protein 50% Fat 1-3% Ash 10-25% Energy 1477 kJ / 349 kcal.


300 g