What separates first-class dog food from other pet foods is the choice of raw materials. Natural and nutritious raw materials such as Icelandic fish and poultry make ICELAND PET food ideal for all healthy dogs.
The food also particularly suits dogs who have sensitive digestive systems or intolerances, as only natural raw materials are used and processing is quality based.
With ICELAND PET food, you will see an immediate difference in your dog; the coat shines more brightly and the dog becomes healthier and more active.

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The dog receives important proteins from Icelandic fish. Fish and poultry are a tasty and easily digestible, and therefore ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. The food contains no other animal proteins which could cause allergies.

Correct proportion of calcium and phosphorus.It is important that the proportion of calcium and phosphorus is correct because they protect both the cartilage and bones of your pet.

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x-054 / x-055


Corn, meal made from poultry (min. 15%), flour, rice (min. 9%), dried sugar beets, dried fish powder (min. 3%), animal fat, salmon oil (min. 1%), flaxseed, calcium phosphate, lecithin, sodium chloride.

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2 kg / 12 kg